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Ben LUYTEN, 25, sharing his experience of applying to EDHEC Business School for his MSc in Financial Markets in 2017.

After living most of my life in Belgium, I decided to continue my studies in France and pursue the MSc in Financial Markets at EDHEC business school.

In Belgium, I obtained a master’s degree in Business Engineering from Hasselt University. It was a 5-year programme. For my master, I chose the major of finance and accountancy. After graduation, I worked for two and a half years in the financial department of a company in the automotive sector, in Genk, Belgium. This job was mainly accounting work, but my interest was more on financial markets.

#1 While researching Master programmes I discovered that EDHEC ranks very high for its Finance related programmes..

Because my intention was to change the direction of my career, I focused my search on specialised master programmes in finance. This was around October 2016. During this time, I searched, online, a lot of information about interesting Finance programmes and used 'Financial Times Rankings' of masters in finance as kind of a guide. This is how I noticed that EDHEC, is one of the top business school and ranks very high worldwide.

At the same time of my research, I started preparing for the GMAT test, which I took in November 2016, and the IELTS test which I took in the beginning of January 2017.

#2 I was looking for more information, and EDHEC admissions team cleared all my doubts..

When looking for more information about the finance programmes on the EDHEC website, I received an e-mail from the admissions team. The e-mail was very friendly and informative. They even invited me to reply with information about my academic profile so I could get feedback.

Therefore, it was the information on the school’s website (the courses and content of the programme really appealed to me) and the nice atmosphere in the e-mail communication from the admissions team, combined with the high ranking by the Financial Times that convinced me to apply to EDHEC's MSc in Financial Markets. I also applied to one other business school (Rotterdam school of management) and had one other back-up school in mind at that moment of sending out my applications.

#3 I found a programme which was the best suit for me in the best location "French Riviera"

From the information I could find online, the content of this programme really made it stand out from other programmes because of the very specific focus on financial markets. I was trying to find something that was a specialisation on these topics and EDHEC’s MSc in Financial Markets seems to be exactly what I was looking for. The location in the south of France is of course, a NICE bonus.

#4  Overall I am content!

I had a very good experience with the support from the Admissions Team and the way they helped me through the admissions process. The communication was always friendly and they consistently provided me with the information I needed; so I was quite happy with that.

Furthermore, I found a lot of useful information on the school’s website, which contained answers to most of my questions. I have of course put a lot of effort into the application process, but overall, I received good support from EDHEC.

#5 I am both very curious & excited to see how life in Nice at EDHEC business school will turn out..

I’m very much looking forward to this new and challenging adventure next year. I hope and expect to develop myself greatly both in the field of finance as well as in various other personal aspects. Furthermore, I cannot wait to move to my accommodation for the coming year, which will be very close to the sea.

Master in Management, Master of Science

Written by HEMA SATI

June 19, 2017

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