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EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP - No need to compromise your academic journey!

Excellence Scholarship.jpg

Excellence Scholarship.jpg

EDHEC Business School, one of the top 15 Business Schools in Europe, is committed to foster new generations of quality students, values great talent and has put in place the scholarship scheme awarding great potential to help them accomplish their dream. Moreover, EDHEC offers various scholarships to support serious candidates like you with impressive application profiles, clear career objectives and merits. However, you have to be on your toes when it comes to meeting the deadline for these exceptional opportunities.

♦ Excellence Scholarship, a very prestigious EDHEC scholarship: available for top level candidates with outstanding academic records. This scholarship covers 40% of tuition fees.

► Deadline: Apply before the 31st March 2017

♦ Distinction Scholarship: Another important scholarship, which covers a reduction 30% in tuition fees, available for the candidates with academically impressive profiles.

♦ Foundation Scholarship: With a reduction of 20%, in tuition fees, this scholarship givse 'candidates with very good profiles' another opportunity to live their dream.

► Deadline: Apply before 30th June 2017 (it applies to both scholarships)

Not only this, you may have access to other financial aid support. For more info on eligibility criteria, deadlines and application requirements contact your Admission Managers.

Student'Speak :
Mariya NONCHEVA, Bulgarian, EDHEC - 2016, Master in Management (M1) student, Excellence Scholarship holder

"When choosing my Master in Management Programme, I had four key requirements – top rank university, career prospects, international dimension and quality of teaching and students’ life. EDHEC was my first choice, offering all these and even more. So far, my five months here have been a transformational journey towards identifying my personal and professional goals and mastering the critical technical and soft skills to achieve those. Thanks to the great support of our teachers, programme director and career centre, I am on my way to secure a placement for my professional immersion and have the confidence to pursue my ambitions and to face every challenge on the way.

The 40% Excellence scholarship played a tremendous role in making my studies at EDHEC possible. It is a great recognition of past academic achievements and an exceptional opportunity that the school gives to everyone who wants to be part of the EDHEC experience. The 40% Excellence scholarship is not only a kick-start of your studies - it also helps you to stand out and differentiate yourself when applying for an internship or a job placement. More and more companies are looking for candidates with a demonstrated academic excellence. In this sense, the scholarship gives a competitive edge to your CV and boosts your career prospects. Of course, this comes with the responsibility to maintain this excellence throughout your studies at EDHEC and to continuously justify your scholarship eligibility, but I believe that the effort really pays off and is 100% worth it."

Master in Management, Master of Science

Written by HEMA SATI

February 17, 2017

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