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EDHEC Business School Master in Management

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EDHEC offers you the opportunity to take part in exchange programmes or pursue a double degree at our 138 partner universities, of which 22 double degrees around the world.

Business Management

If you are a Business Management student then you can choose to study abroad and broaden your horizon by opting for an exchange programme or pursue a double degree at one of our academic partners.

If you wish to have the leading edge in the career market, then you can opt for EDHEC’s double degree agreements with leading international universities. Enrich your global profile and develop a specialisation in a specific field in management (Information Technology, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics, etc.) during this two-semester programme (one full academic year) which replaces the Master 2 year at EDHEC.

*Applies to Master in Management students
You may complete a short- term or full year exchange in your final year of study or between your Master 1 and Master 2. These study abroad opportunities will allow you to explore new subjects for a term, develop your international reach and mature a professional project. A perfect experience to forge new skills.
The Stanford Summer International Honors Programme (SIHP) combines top notch teaching with cultural, social and geographical activities. As an EDHEC Master 1 student you can study on the Palo Alto campus, for 8 weeks. This is a must if you choose to pursue professional goals in the United States. A large set of courses are available in topics such as innovation, data management, oral communication and economics. Upon completion of the required courses, you will receive a Stanford SIS Certificate.

Financial Economics

If you are a Financial Economics student then you can either opt for an exchange programme or pursue a double degree.

If you wish to graduate with a difference and have the leading edge in the financial career market in the US, then the EDHEC double degree agreement with MIT Sloan School of Management is the obvious choice. The Master of Finance programme can be completed in 12 or 18 months and can replace the Master 2 year at EDHEC.
* Applies to Master in Management students.
EDHEC exchange programmes are prime opportunities to explore new subjects, develop your international reach and carry out a professional project. You can choose a short-term exchange during semester 2 of Master 1 or during your professional immersion year.
The Columbia University summer programme will allow you after Year 1 to study economics and finance courses and live for six weeks in New York City. Topics covered in one word are: Econometrics, Economics of Uncertainty and Information, Game Theory and Financial Economics, etc. A perfect way to learn differently.

You may also take courses at one of our QTEM's academic partners and obtain the QTEM Masters Network Program on top of the MSc degree.

This prestigious network brings together outstanding students, academic partners and international corporations. The key focus is the development of analytical and quantitative techniques within an international context. As a Master in Management Financial Economics student, you can enter the QTEM network and spend a semester with one of QTEM’s academic partners. Upon successful completion of your semester you may be awarded the QTEM Masters Network Certificate.

Find out more about the QTEM Masters Network Program.

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